Speaking Engagements

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Our Speakers

Our volunteers conduct hundreds of informal, interactive speaking engagements every year at high schools, colleges, businesses, government agencies, faith communities, youth groups, and community service organizations of all kinds. We have speakers who represent diverse identities of the LGBTQIA* community and we can tailor your engagement to focus on sexual orientation, the coming out experience, transgender issues, bisexual identity, LGBTQIA parents or other special topics. 

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Our Presentations

We generally speak in pairs but also offer panel presentations. Each speaker shares a story from their own life and touches upon how we’ve grown to understand, accept, and take pride in our sexual or gender identities. We tell stories of how we’ve "come out" to our families, friends, and coworkers; how we’ve faced discrimination; how we’ve fallen in love and raised families; how we’ve navigated the workplace; and how we’ve lived our lives.

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"Ask Us Anything"

In keeping with our motto of "Ask Us Anything," we encourage questions from our audiences. Our speakers are trained to solicit questions and respond to comments in an atmosphere of respect and forthrightness. We listen for underlying myths and we help audiences feel at ease raising difficult issues. Sometimes we offer simple workshop exercises to increase understanding.

SpeakOUT charges a fee-for-service to help defray the operational costs associated with outreach, training, and organizational management. Suggested fees are based on whether the client is a non-profit or profit entity. We also conduct pro-bono workshops when resources are not available.

To request a speaking engagement, call 877.223.9390 or hit the button below. 

*LGBTQIA: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning, intersex, and asexual

See below to view a sample of a speaking engagement that SpeakOUT did at Lexington High School in the fall of 2014.