Our People

As a small non-profit, we rely upon the creativity, generosity of spirit, and hard work of our staff, board of directors, speakers, and other volunteers to keep SpeakOUT moving forward. Find out more about us below, and contact us if you are interested in joining the SpeakOUT community. 

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Ellyn Ruthstrom

Executive Director

Ellyn (at) SpeakOUTBoston (dot) org

Ellyn Ruthstrom has been the Executive Director of SpeakOUT Boston since May of 2014 and has been involved with LGBTQIA community activism for over 25 years. She was the president of the Bisexual Resource Center for ten years and helped organize the first White House Roundtable on Bisexual Issues in 2013. Ellyn was a commissioner with the Massachusetts LGBTQ Youth Commission for two years while she was also the Editor-in-Chief of Teen Voices, a national feminist magazine and website created by, for, and about teen girls. She is a writer and editor, and currently sits on the Melrose Human Rights Commission.

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Board of Directors

Find out more about the 2017/2018 SpeakOUT Board of Directors on the SpeakOUT Blog.

  • Michael Bookman ~ Chair

  • Meg Duberek ~ Vice Chair

  • Jennifer Guneratne ~Clerk

  • Andrew Chou ~ Treasurer

  • George Grattan

If you are interested in finding out more about our board of directors, email the Executive Director at Ellyn@SpeakOUTBoston.org.

SpeakOUT’s board assists the Executive Director in strategic planning and the effective operation of the organization. Board members are involved in speaker trainings, event planning, fundraising initiatives, and grant writing, among other things.



SpeakOUT’s committees engage members and volunteers in strategic planning and effective operation of the organization. Their primary role is to advise the staff and Board of Directors and to assist in the design and implementation of SpeakOUT programs and services. The following descriptions of SpeakOUT committees are not intended to be exhaustive summaries of each group’s tasks and responsibilities. Rather, they attempt to capture the general programmatic areas that each Committee considers. 


This committee is open to board members and volunteers, and convenes to plan fundraising activities and monitor the long-term financial health of the organization.


This committee includes board members and volunteers who wish to work on initiatives regarding speaker trainings, program development, and community outreach.


This committee is strictly for board members and the Executive Director and focuses on board recruitment, board structure, and evaluation of staff. 

For more information about any of the board committees, please contact Ellyn Ruthstrom: Ellyn (at) SpeakOUTBoston (dot) org.