SpeakOUT Boston Scholarship

Stay tuned for information about our 2019 scholarship to be announced in February. If you’d like to join our e-mail list to get updates, send your email to

Award: $500 plus the opportunity to take SpeakOUT’s Speaker Training.

SpeakOUT Boston is a community of speakers working to create a world free of homo-bi-transphobia and other forms of prejudice by telling the truths of our lives.

Since 1972, we have been doing so by:
·      Conducting educational programs about LGBTQIA+* lives and issues;

·      Training individuals and organizations to use public speaking as a means of creating positive cultural change;

·      Sharing our lives and experiences publicly in order to support those struggling with sexuality and gender identity; and

·      Educating within the communities we represent about issues that divide us.

SpeakOUT Boston engages audiences in honest dialogue, and in keeping with our motto "Ask Us Anything," we invite any questions that may challenge harmful stereotypes and misconceptions. Our speakers visit middle and high schools, colleges, workplaces, faith communities, public libraries, community organizations, and many other venues in the Greater Boston area and beyond.

Requirements for the Scholarship:

Applicants must: be an undergraduate LGBTQIA+ student or prospective student entering college/university by the end of 2018, live in New England, and hold a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Students will be required to submit by April 15, 2018:

o   A 1-2 page type-written personal story to the SpeakOUT Board, discussing how they have grown to understand, accept, and take pride in their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

o   A letter of recommendation.

o   Grade transcripts.

Submit the required documents to or via mail to: SpeakOUT, P.O. Box 301223, Boston, MA 02130.

The student must submit proof of enrollment in a college/university before the award is made. Notification of award will be no later than June 1, 2018.